The centrefold of the vinyl of Advantages’ debut album ‘Nails’ comes with a poster of a contemporary re-imagining of Picasso’s ‘Guernica’. The unique portray confirmed the mangled horror of the devastation of Nazi and Italian Fascist bombs on a small Basque nation city. This time, the bombs are British – leaving refugees desperately clawing for asylum, attempting to throw their kids over the border as a fork-toothed Residence Secretary retains them at bay. It’s this black, white and gray actuality that the Teesside noise punks commerce in.

Led by Kingsley Corridor, previously of late ‘00s indie upstarts The Chapman Household however now a day job weary soul within the uncared for North, Advantages have been gaining a cult following and kudos from the likes of Nirvana‘s ‘In Utero’ producer Steve Albini and Pixies’ Black Francis for his or her fearless and unpolished aural assaults on a world masking neglect with patriotism. Their message is straightforward when screamed from the onslaught opener ‘Malboro A whole lot’: “Don’t get fooled once more… query the whole lot”.

Simply don’t inform me my fucking rights, simply bear in mind my former imperial may,” spits Corridor on ‘Empire’ – portray the UK as a nation obsessive about its previous whereas sabotaging its future. Stick that in your Coronation playlist. Ditto for ‘Traitors’, which units its sights on the gray Brexit “sausage class” and PM Rishi Sunak’s complete disregard for anybody with a inventive drive: “Fuck your goals – the brand new regular doesn’t want leisure / It wants solely work, viable work / Retrain / Cease moaning”. It’s ‘Flag’ although, which lands probably the most direct uppercut: “Privilege gained’t prevent. Eton gained’t prevent. Individuals who communicate Latin won’t prevent.”

Easy as their strategy could seem, Advantages are removed from one-note. ‘Warhorse’ is shut as they get to a ‘pop music’; ‘Shit Britain’ and ‘Mindset’ supply up mesmeric trip-hop. The sparse soundscape of ‘Council Rust’, in the meantime, ends the report with a profoundly tender resolve within the battle to “by no means let the bastards win“.

The fantastic thing about ‘Nails’ is in its uncooked and primal urgency; it needed to be made and heard now, like government-approved sewage being pumped right into a river. Nonetheless, there’s a way that the band are but to imagine their final kind – their energy remains to be brewing. Hell, they’ll get their likelihood.

There’s a famed quote from Manufacturing unit Data mogul Tony Wilson about how “punk enabled you to say ‘fuck you’, nevertheless it couldn’t go any additional”, ready for a band like Pleasure Division to return alongside and say “we’re fucked”. Effectively, right here we’re, nonetheless. Britain ain’t getting any better.


  • Launch date: April 21
  • Document label: Invada


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