Chandrayaan-3's Lander Has Touched Down On Moon. Over To Rover Pragyan

Chandrayaan-3: Lander Vikram landed on the Moon in the present day

New Delhi:
The lander Vikram of India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission has made it to the Moon, marking a historic day for India and the world. Within the subsequent few hours, the rover Pragyan will roll out from the lander to hold out is mission.

Here is your 5-point cheatsheet to this huge story

  1. Lander Vikram’s last landing velocity was effectively inside its protected limits. 4 engines ran initially. Two of them have been shut down later, so the landing on the lunar floor was powered by two engines.

  2. Lander Vikram kicked up a big cloud of Moon mud when it landed. The mud won’t calm down anytime quickly as a result of extraordinarily weak gravitational pressure the Moon exerts, however will scatter away by itself momentum.

  3. The rover Pragyan will emerge from the lander three-and-a-half hours after lander Vikram touched down on the lunar floor close to the Moon’s South Pole. India is the primary nation to land a spacecraft close to the lunar South Pole.

  4. The Indian Area Analysis Organisation (ISRO) didn’t need the high quality Moon mud to coat the cameras and different delicate devices, so it determined to attend for over three hours to make sure the mud strikes away from the lander Vikram.

  5. The rover Pragyan will first prolong its photo voltaic arrays and roll out with a wire related to the lander Vikram. The wire will probably be snapped as soon as the rover is secure on the lunar floor. It is going to then begin its scientific mission.


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