Solar, moon, grizzly, black, spectacled, sloth: Bears everywhere in the world can stand, shuffle, totter and stroll on two legs, although they often favor 4.

They don’t — strictly talking — discuss.

However a zoo in Hangzhou, China, determined that the easiest way to clear up a conspiracy principle about considered one of its bears was to launch an announcement within the bear’s voice.

The confusion appeared to start in late July, when a video surfaced on the Chinese language social media website Weibo of a solar bear named Angela standing on a rock in its zoo enclosure, with ramrod posture on its hind legs.

Some Weibo customers started to forged doubt on the ursine reality of the bear. Some accused the zoo of utilizing a canine impostor — solar bears can develop to the proportions of a giant canine, about 4 and a half toes lengthy and as much as 145 kilos.

The declare has some precedent: In 2013, a zoo in Henan Province was accused of changing its lion with a Tibetan mastiff.

Different Weibo customers had a extra unique rationalization: They stated the zoo had caught a human in a bear swimsuit, with the posture, unfastened pores and skin and fur giving it away.

One commenter joked that being the bear was in all probability somebody’s summer time job, whereas one other stated that the distinguished folds on the bear’s fur regarded an excessive amount of like these of a fancy dress. (Specialists say solar bears have unfastened pores and skin that helps them wriggle away from predators.)

These customers, joking or not, could have additionally had trigger for suspicion. At a panda reserve in Sichuan Province, keepers generally put on panda costumes to restrict the animals’ stress and their issues of human attachment.

Nonetheless the costumes could seem to the pandas, the saggy masks and black-and-white, zip-up jumpsuits have repeatedly disturbed people over time. Some zoos additionally use costumed workers to run animal escape drills.

Not all Weibo customers doubted the bear’s authenticity: A variety of commenters pinned the blame on vacationers, who they stated had in all probability overfed the bear, main Angela to develop a behavior of standing upright to beg for extra. Over the weekend, as the talk intensified, it grew to become a trending subject on Weibo. (Presumably including to the fervor this week have been viral movies of a Japanese man wearing a sensible canine costume beneath the YouTube deal with @I_want_to_be_an_animal.)

Workers on the Hangzhou zoo, accused of harboring a human in solar bear disguise, felt compelled to reply. On July 29, an unnamed employee defended the bear and the zoo to a Chinese language information outlet in an interview that circulated on social media.

“After all it’s an actual animal, it’s positively not an individual in disguise,” he stated. “Our place is a state-run facility, such conditions gained’t occur right here.”

The employee supplied an uncommon follow-up protection, arguing that bear fits are just too scorching to put on in the summertime, when temperatures attain 40 levels Celsius, or 104 Fahrenheit. “Should you have been to put on a swimsuit, you positively couldn’t bear it for quite a lot of minutes,” he stated. “You’d need to lie down.”

Was he talking from private expertise? He didn’t say. His rationalization didn’t fulfill all of the doubters, so the zoo adopted up with an announcement on Sunday written within the voice of “Angela the Malayan solar bear.”

The assertion insisted that the bear was actually a bear, versus an individual pretending to be a bear — or an individual pretending to be a bear insisting they weren’t an individual pretending to be a bear.

“Yesterday after work, I acquired a name from the park supervisor asking me if I used to be slacking off and had a biped substitute me,” the assertion stated, “A lot to my shock, I’m simply sitting within the mountains and I’m going viral on the web. Some individuals assume I look too human once I get up. It appears you actually don’t perceive me. Beforehand, some guests even thought I used to be too petite to be a bear! I need to emphasize once more: I’m a Malayan solar bear! Not a black bear! Not a canine! A Malayan solar bear!”

The assertion went on to elucidate that not all bears are “large and harmful,” even when they’re a “household of fierce beasts.”

Charles Robbins, director of analysis on the Washington State College Bear Middle, agreed with the speculation that the bear was begging for meals.

“Seems like a solar bear to me,” Dr. Robbins stated on Tuesday. “Presumably, the bear has been rewarded with meals by the gang for standing, so it realized in a short time to just do that.”

It’s commonplace for bears to depend on their hind legs, he added. “I’ve a grizzly bear that may stand and stroll two-legged.”

The Hangzhou Zoo might not be in a rush to place the bear controversy to mattress. Within the days following the movies, visits soared. A director of the zoo advised Chao Information, a Zhejiang-based newspaper, that over 20,000 vacationers visited the zoo on Saturday, roughly 30 p.c greater than the day by day common.


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