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Wild Cats of the Pampa Conservation Venture

Species Concerned: Geoffroy’s cat, Munõa’s Pampas Cat, jaguardoundi, ocelot, margay, jaguar, puma, and southern tiger cat

The principle objective of the Wild Cats of the Pampa Venture (WCPCP) is to hold out analysis and conservation efforts in favor of small wild cats within the Pampa area.

Location: Brazilian Pampa within the state of Rio Grande do Sul

Focus: Monitor areas of battle between wild felids and rural landowners, implementing repairs in rooster coops to keep away from predation and consequent retaliatory motion, monitor new highways to establish new hotspots of highway kills, set up informative and academic indicators, and to create, put together and distribute informative supplies in regards to the Pampa’s wild cats species to advertise the familiarization of the wild cats to the native communities.


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