check engine warning lightNew automobiles have grown rather more costly in recent times. So many people work to maintain our older automobiles operating for so long as potential.

However that’s getting costlier, too.

CarMD supplies automobile telematics providers to the auto business. Telematics knowledge tells the corporate when a automotive’s verify engine mild comes on.

That provides it entry to an immense quantity of information about tens of millions of automobiles. Annually, the corporate collates all of it right into a report – the Car Well being Index. The newest model is out, and it’s filled with unhealthy information.


Information Restricted to Powertrain Repairs

The index doesn’t cowl each kind of automotive restore – simply those who set off the verify engine mild. CarMD’s knowledge skews towards emissions points and different engine issues as a result of telematics knowledge doesn’t are inclined to catch issues like suspension or steering points.

However it offers us helpful details about the price of repairs.

The typical automobile restore value $403 in 2022 – 2.8% greater than in 2021. Labor prices really fell – the typical restore value $142.66 in labor, $0.69 lower than in 2021. However the price of elements rose – unsurprising given final 12 months’s international provide chain issues.

Automobiles from mannequin 12 months 2007 have been most probably to want a restore flagged by the verify engine mild.

The Most Widespread Repairs

The ten commonest repairs in CarMD’s knowledge have been a blended bag. They carried common prices starting from $25 to $1,313.

The commonest and costliest restore was the topic of against the law wave. Extra drivers wanted their catalytic converters changed than some other restore. Whereas a catalytic converter can fail because of age, the entire is probably going associated to a nationwide wave of catalytic converter thefts.

The least costly restore was the one that you simply’ll really feel ridiculous paying for. Many drivers simply wanted their gasoline caps tightened. A unfastened gasoline cap can throw off the techniques that detect an issue within the first place.

Rank Restore Common Value % of All Repairs
1 Exchange Catalytic Converter $1,313 6.10%
2 Exchange Oxygen Sensor $242 5.38%
3 Exchange Ignition Coil and Spark Plugs $393 4.78%
4 Exchange Mass Air Circulate Sensor $303 4.63%
5 Tighten or Exchange Gas Cap $25 4.06%
6 Exchange Evaporative Emissions Purge Management Valve $137 3.93%
7 Exchange Ignition Coil $214 3.72%
8 Exchange Gas Injector $424 2.54%
9 Exchange Thermostat $238 2.21%
10 Reprogram Powertrain Management Module $109 1.94%



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