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Fluid issue and Ayurveda

Fluid imbalance attributable to insufficient consumption of water is among the most necessary causes for constipation. So, maintaining the degrees of hydration to optimum ranges by consuming amount of water as per one’s wants is among the formulation to maintain the constipation at bay and to keep up a great intestine well being.

Ayurveda treatises haven’t straight defined this function of water in stopping constipation and maintaining optimum colon well being. However from just a few references that are oblique we are able to infer the function of water on this perspective.

Idea of fluid imbalance and causation of constipation – Ayurveda perspective

The Jala Mahabhuta issue

Jala Mahabhuta i.e. water component is one among the many 5 components of nature which participate within the formation of our physique. It does the perform of kledana within the fetus i.e. it maintains the moistness and integrity in its formation. Dravatva i.e. liquidity is a particular function of this component. With this high quality it retains issues transferring and flowing within the physique. Its high quality shall be maintained individually and comparatively (relative to different components) to maintain good well being and for many features to maintain going easily within the physique. Imbalance of water component causes critical well being points when it isn’t balanced. ‘Peeta’ i.e. drinkable meals are one among the many 4 forms of meals we take based on Ayurveda and it’s an integral a part of our meals observe. Peeta consists of water and different types of fluids we devour in our meals. When the water element of the physique decreases it results in excessive dryness, improve of vata and subsequent constipation.

The ‘Vata’ issue

Constipation is among the signs or situations attributable to extreme improve or aggravation of vata. So recurring consumption of vata aggravating meals, life actions and regimens and affect of vata vitiating seasons, when not addressed would result in constipation owing to dry and tough attributes of vata.

When the ultimate merchandise of digestion of meals attain the colon, they’re acted upon by the shoshyamana vahni i.e. ‘drying fireplace’ positioned therein and trigger the paripinditatva of digested meals i.e. ‘bolus of ultimate merchandise which is nearly devoid of watery components or moistness’ i.e. faecal mass which is able to be excreted. This explains the re-absorption course of within the colon. When vayu is in a state of steadiness, the feces is shaped correctly and is definitely expelled by the motion of the identical vata, apana vata on this case.

Irregular improve of vata will improve roughness and dryness within the colon. It will dry up the feces excessively and make it tough to be excreted. This results in constipation. If that is unattended it results in continual constipation. Enhance of dryness is attributable to extreme consumption of meals which irritate vata – primarily dry, gentle and tough meals. This additionally displays deficiency of moistness and unctuousness within the physique. This will likely occur resulting from insufficient hydration of the physique attributable to inadequate water consumption. This additionally exhibits that correct and ample hydration is required to maintain the doshas, vata on this case, in a state of steadiness.

The ‘vata prakriti’ issue

Vata structure individuals are vulnerable to vata imbalances resulting in constipation. These individuals have much less water parts within the physique and fewer of doshas and tissues which comprise water elements. They’ve a dry atmosphere within the intestines. If these individuals don’t deal with their water steadiness and hydration, they might develop critical constipation in the long term.

Vata Prakruti individuals whose physique structure is predominantly made up of akasha and vayu mahabhutas ought to pay further consideration to maintain themselves hydrated.

The ‘Vataja Rutu’ issue

Excessive dryness in vata aggravating seasons i.e. summer time and wet seasons might point out want for frequent hydration. If not compensated with, one would possibly develop seasonal constipation throughout these seasons. Constipation might irritate in these having constipation already, in these having continual constipation and ailments of colon and could also be of extreme kind particularly in vata prakriti people or these affected by vata problems. 

The ‘vishamagni’ issue

Vishamagni i.e. erratic digestive fireplace is among the causes for vata aggravation and vata problems within the physique. This can be a form of agni influenced by the erratic nature of vata. Folks having vishamagni would have probabilities of creating dryness within the colon and consequently constipation. Correct hydration is required in these individuals. The pitta predominant agni i.e. ‘teekshnagni’ also can trigger water imbalance within the physique particularly when it’s related to elevated vata additionally which might result in constipation.

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The ‘excessive pitta’ issue

Folks with excessive pitta of their system also needs to hydrate themselves frequently. Excessive pitta is excessive fiery exercise within the physique. This can even trigger extreme dryness and warmth within the physique and would trigger an acceptable basis for the event of constipation.

The ‘kapha’ issue 

Kapha is consultant of water within the human physique. It’s the calming moon vitality. It’s predominantly made up of water components and partly by earth components. Many tissues belong to the kapha group i.e. kapha resides in most tissues within the physique. Aside from this, faeces and urine are the excreta which have predominance of kapha dosha. Vata improve or something which will increase vata will trigger depletion of kapha and therefore water depots within the physique which might result in constipation. The reverse can be true i.e. kapha depletion can even trigger vata improve and therefore constipation. Correct hydration could be very a lot required to maintain the kapha and its tissues balanced within the physique and to maintain away the dryness of vata and warmth of pitta. Kapha being a water physique thus works as a buffer and prevents put on and tears and burnouts within the physique and likewise prevents constipation from occurring by protecting the physique, tissues and organs cool and moist.

The ‘ati langhana’ issue

Extreme fasting which incorporates insufficient consumption or in no way consuming meals and water as part of therapeutic, recurring or obsessive hunger will deplete water shops within the physique. It will trigger extreme dryness and result in vata aggravation. It will create a dry ambiance within the intestines, an excessive amount of absorption of water within the colon as a suggestions mechanism and consequent constipation. Equally different types of langhana therapies which result in lightness within the physique additionally trigger constipation when practiced in extra.

The ‘different ailments’ issue

Extreme train, ailments like atisara – diarrhea, chardi – vomiting, prameha – urinary problems together with diabetes, ailments of mutravaha srotas and all vata problems trigger constipation resulting from dehydration.

The ‘vega’ issue

One also needs to avoid withholding the pure urges, primarily of pureesha – defecation and apana vata – fart / flatus. This might trigger irregular motion of vata i.e. udavarta which might consequently trigger constipation and different vata problems. 

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