Voice-assist programs are commonplace in vehicles immediately, however Ford desires to offer them personalities.

A patent utility from the automaker printed by the USA Patent and Trademark Workplace (USPTO) on Jan. 2, 2024 (and initially filed on Aug. 17, 2020), discusses utilizing machine studying to create in-car digital assistants with distinct personalities selectable by the consumer.

These personalities can be conveyed by the vocabulary utilized by the digital assistant when responding to prompts, in addition to speech tone, pitch, and pronunciation. The vocabulary can be chosen by feeding the software program examples of speech from individuals assumed to have the persona traits the digital assistant is making an attempt to imitate.

Celebrities can be among the many fashions for the digital assistant. Ford does not look like suggesting that digital assistants would impersonate particular celebrities (which might probably carry some authorized hassle) but it surely discusses utilizing their social media posts, audio and video interviews, and books or articles a couple of superstar with a given persona sort to assist practice the digital-assistant software program.

Ford digital assistant personality generator patent image

Ford digital assistant persona generator patent picture

Ford digital assistant personality generator patent image

Ford digital assistant persona generator patent picture

Ford additionally discusses giving the digital assistants names, hypothetical ages and genders, and even backstories. All in order that drivers will get a extra vigorous response when asking for instructions to the closest Starbucks.

As with all patent functions, it is unclear if the concepts mentioned right here will make it to manufacturing. However the rise of ChatGPT means that is undoubtedly on-trend.

At CES 2024, Mercedes-Benz unveiled an AI-powered next-gen consumer interface, whereas Volkswagen introduced that it’ll combine ChatGPT with its infotainment programs. So automakers do appear ro imagine it will likely be higher if we discuss to our vehicles extra.


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