Seamlessly weaving collectively the intricate textures of wave, bass, and storage, barnacle boi takes us on a mind-bending journey via the avant-garde evolution of digital music together with his newest EP, Introspect.

The EP opens with “Introspect,” the EPs namesake which units the stage with larger-than-life festival-driven components. Following on its heels is “Love Lodge,” the EP’s lead single. This observe plunges listeners into the depths of the wave style, enveloping them in a dystopian, interstellar ambiance. The ethereal journey continues with “In The Darkish,” guiding us via a spectral soundscape adorned with profound synths, shadowy melodies, and vibrant percussion.

“U Had been Every little thing 2 Me” emerges as an anthem of uncooked fervor, its intense, high-pitched rave stabs underscoring the EP’s emotional zenith. The contemplative breather, “Cussed,” affords a contemporary lens on the wave spectrum, offering a second of reflection earlier than diving into the EP’s fruits.

The journey reaches its peak with “Sorry,” a composition seemingly influenced by digital music icons like Burial that serves as a testomony to barnacle boi’s potential to mix nostalgic chords from 90’s/2000’s anthems together with his groundbreaking improvements.

Ian Oliver, aka barnacle boi, has firmly established himself on the music pageant circuit, making waves at Think about Fest, Wakaan Fest, Parts Fest, and Sound Haven, with a double look on the iconic Purple Rocks in late 2022. At present on tour via EU/Asia, barnacle boi’s distinct manufacturing aptitude, honed throughout an influential stint in Denver, Colorado, is gaining recognition for its deeply emotional, bass-centric, and evocative lure compositions.

Hearken to the Introspect EP under on Spotify.

LISTEN: barnacle boi Debuts Avant-Garde “Introspect” EP


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