Maharashtrian newlyweds welcome their first Makar Sankranti collectively by carrying ‘halwa dagine’, or jewelry made out of sugar. Watch this video to be taught extra about this candy custom.

In Maharashtra, newlyweds are sometimes seen flaunting white jewelry on black conventional garments on their first Makar Sankranti pageant collectively. Whereas these jewelry items seem like they’re made out of tiny pearls, a more in-depth look will reveal that these are in reality, edible sweets!

Known as ‘halwa dagine’ or ‘halwyache dagine’, it’s a sort of Indian jewelry made from sugar, sago, and sesame seeds. In Marathi, halwa means candy and dagine means jewelry. The custom of carrying “candy jewelry” is believed to usher in a 12 months of sweetness and happiness.

The fragile artwork of dagine-making has been handed down from technology to technology in Maharashtra.

“The halwa needs to be threaded by way of two cotton threads. It is extremely troublesome and complicated work. There’s a particular method that we use and I educate those that have an interest, too,” says Anjali Atul Padhye, a Virar-based jeweller who learnt this system whereas watching her mom make them, rising up.

For those who’re questioning if these items of jewelry will be repurposed into dessert after carrying them, Sonia Patankar of ‘Khauwale Patankar’, says “No!”

Married to Ramesh, who at present runs the business institution that’s been making halwa dagine for over three many years, she says, “You’ll be able to eat these beads earlier than making dagine however not after. They’re caught on items of paper and embellished with kundan (gold), vibrant beads and different gildings. So you’ll be able to’t eat it then.”

Watch this video to be taught extra about this conventional artwork: 

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