North America Head Keeper, Lindsay Garrett, remembers Snoop fondly:

Snoop Logg was one of the best ambassador for his species possible, and he was completely the catalyst of my love for all gars. He was partaking, charismatic, and goofy which aren’t traits most people affiliate with alligator gar. We knew he was particular throughout his first time in with divers. We have been slightly nervous since he had by no means been in with individuals, however then he curiously approached the divers whereas they have been preparing on the ledge. He shortly turned our favourite along with his quirky behaviors like enjoying along with his meals, stopping to stare at visitors via the viewing home windows, or picture bombing our footage of manatees. As time glided by, he turned the manatee welcoming committee (we expect he thought he was a manatee). With each new set of manatees that got here in, he would wait on the door to the again pool so he might go test them out. He was usually seen swimming his approach right into a pile of sleeping manatees or nosing his approach all the way in which underneath their tails simply to peak out the opposite facet. Generally this may trigger slightly commotion in the course of the manatees’ feeding classes within the again pool, and if we ever heard a coworker yell “SNOOP!” in loving frustration, we knew precisely what he was as much as.

As tales about him bought shared, he bought a little bit of a fan-following with zoo visitors and employees. Individuals would usually ask about him, partially as a consequence of consideration from social media too, and I even had one visitor say that he visited Manatee Springs solely to get footage of Snoop. After his passing, somebody from the overnights employees wrote that “Snoop was a legend.”  I hope he can keep a legend as we keep in mind him going ahead.


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