Hundreds from the Tuareg neighborhood in Algeria flock to the annual Sebeiba pageant held in an oasis city deep within the Sahara.

Sebeiba is an annual Tuareg cultural occasion held within the oasis of Djanet, within the excessive south of Algeria.

This vibrant pageant dates again 1000’s of years and since 2014 has been a UNESCO ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ occasion.

Sebeiba’s rituals and ceremonies provide a captivating perception into the cultural heritage of the Tuareg individuals, a neighborhood discovered throughout the Sahara that makes up a tiny a part of Algeria’s inhabitants.

On the coronary heart of the 10-day pageant is a hard-fought music and dance competitors between two rival villages, Azellouaz and El Mihan. There can solely ever one winner of Sebeiba – a minimum of till subsequent 12 months.


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