I’m so uninterested in this previous trope that fans ought to hate CUV’s. They’re the brand new “automotive” and other people must take care of that. Some are extra “automotive” than enjoyable and that’s okay. A Camry isn’t a enjoyable automotive, however it’s a good automotive. I’d take a RAV4 over a Camry any day of the week as a result of it’s extra of an fans automotive than the Camry for my specific set of wants and needs.

Some fast info:

1. The RAV4 is bodily smaller on the highway, however has practically similar to the Camry for passenger quantity. It’s footprint to inside quantity ratio is healthier than the camry.

2. The RAV4 AWD 2.5 get 29 MPG mixed in comparison with the Camry AWD 2.5’s 28 mpg mixed.

3. The load distinction is negligible. (about 70 lbs for comparable configurations)

4. The RAV4 has greater than double the cargo quantity with all seats up and 4 occasions extra with the seats down.

5. The rav4 can tow 3500 lbs – which is a helpful quantity for utility and play.

For me, a automotive fanatic, cargo versatility and utility are extra necessary than an additional .04g on the skidpad.

The comparability right here doesn’t apply to all vehicles clearly, and I’m definitely not attempting to make a case for the RAV4, PER SE. I simply assume we have to notice that “crossovers” are much more automotive than they ever have been, and convey plenty of hatch and wagon traits with them.As a substitute of shunning them, we needs to be celebrating “the wagoning” of the of the SUV. Now, they’re wagons and hatches, however they’re getting fairly darn shut whereas bringing with them tangible advantages.


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